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You are invited to respond to Jesus’ love for us by spending a quiet time of prayer in His Eucharistic presence on a regular basis. The Blessed Sacrament is exposed Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

There is no Adoration on Holidays or Holy Days when the Parish Office is closed.

Contact: Paul & Yverose Jean-Mary @ (561) 790-4768
Adult Choir

The Music Ministry consists of cantors, two adult choirs, children’s choir, and the Life Teen Band. Members of this ministry provide music for all the liturgies, as well as Holy Days. If you can sing or have a musical gift, such as playing an instrument, and would like to share this gift, please let us know.

Contact: Mauricio Leguizamon @ (561) 929-5979
Altar Linens
Members of this group serve the parish by washing and ironing the altar linens each week. The only requirement is a separate bucket to wash the sacred linens that is not used for any other household chores. Each member agrees to wash the linens one month out of the year.


Contact: Gina Figurella @ (561) 793-4957
Altar Server

Any boy or girl in good standing with the Church, and who has made First Holy Communion is welcome to serve on the altar. Altar servers assist the priest at all weekend Masses, and each server generally assists twice each month. New members receive training before they serve at the altar.

Contact: Kerry Gornick @ (561) 317-8854
Altar Vessels
After daily Mass on Tuesdays clean (wash, dry, polish, etc.) all vessels used on the altar the previous week. Clean the Holy Water containers and replenish each week.


Contact: Evelyn Barry @ (561) 798-9132
Bible Study
Our parish offers Bible Studies throughout the year.   The Bible Studies include a DVD featuring well known and respected teachers of the Catholic faith and live small group discussion on the DVD for that week.  The series are on different topics including specific books of the Bible and spiritual exercises and topics.   We are concluding our Bible Timeline series by Jeff Cavins April 10.  The next series and starting date will be announced soon…check back often!

Contact: Fr. Brian Campbell @ (561) 798-5661 ext. 107
Building & Grounds

The objective of this committee is to provide the best possible facilities at a reasonable cost to the parish. Members aid in construction, remodeling and maintenance of building and grounds and also serves as a liaison with the village.

Contact: Jerry Danus @ (561) 798-5661 ext 115
Children's Choir
We celebrate a Children’s Mass at 9:45 AM on the 3rd Sunday of each month. The Children’s Choir is an exceptional way for your children to get involved and share their gifts by participating in the choir.


Contact: Mindy Simpson @ (561) 723-9523
Church Mice
The Church Mice are proud to be a part of the beautiful upkeep of this magnificent House of God by cleaning the sanctuary, sacristies and cry room.  Time commitment is 1-2 hours per week.


Contact: Isabel Lawton @ (561) 385-9889
Clowning For Jesus
Clowning for Jesus is a ministry of clowns that visit hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, do fundraisers at birthdays and other events to bring entertainment and joy to the young, old, sick, lonely and just people. We want to create more laughter than tears, dispense more happiness than gloom, and spread more cheer than despair. You will create your own costume, learn to put face make-up on and name the character you are. You will learn face painting, balloon sculptures and magic.

Contact: Mary Lucier @ (561) 793-1639
Coffee & Donuts
Each Sunday after the 8:00 and 9:45 AM Masses parishioners have the opportunity to get to know each other better through fellowship in the Pavilion. The parish provides coffee and doughnuts to allow members to meet each other and socialize. Though refreshments are provided without cost, donations are accepted.

Contact: Parish Office @ (561) 798-5661
The function of the Columbiettes is to assist the Knights of Columbus in their church and social events and also to hold two functions a year to raise money for various charitable activities. The requirements to join the Columbiettes are to be 18 years of age and a practicing Catholic.

Contact: Pat Pennica @ (561) 792-7259
Council of Catholic Women
This organization has a twofold purpose: it empowers women in spirituality and leadership and performs community service. The women service the parish by running the Religious Articles Gift Shop and raising money for the parish and other charitable causes. Membership is open to all women of the parish.


Contact: Gayle Paul @ (561) 324-7900
Couples for Christ

Couples for Christ (CFC) is a worldwide family life renewal ministry with one million members in 161 countries. This ministry is for married, single men and women, widow or widower, divorced or separated persons. This ministry is also for young adults. We are in the parish to help build strong families and give support to the parish community.

Contact: Paul & Alice Estaris @ (561) 795-3956
Divine Mercy

This group meets every Thursday morning after Mass in the Cry Room at church.  We pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, share Scripture, pray over those who are sick and in need of prayer, and for the whole world.   Join us in prayer, praise and worship of our Merciful Savior.

Contact: Jenine Oliveri @ (561) 753-7565
Education & Tuition Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on the tuition subsidy program in our parish.


Contact: Teri Stocking @ (561) 798-1770
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
This group of men and women takes on the incredible service of helping the priest administer the Body of Christ at all daily and weekend Masses. The group meets one time each year. Ministers must be registered parishioners and be sacrificial givers. They must have received Confirmation and, if married, be married within the Church.

Contact: Robert Laquerre @ (561) 798-5661
Family Life Ministry
The Family Life Ministry is here to serve families within our parish and to build a closer relationship with the Lord and with each other, through various spiritual and social activities. We want to create an environment where families of all ages can pray, stay and play.
***Find us on Facebook at Family Life Ministry Of OLQA Catholic Church

Contact: Sheila Fulkerson @ (561) 891-1938

A group of parishioners who organize, coordinate and chair various activities leading to our annual Fall Festival which is our parish’s single largest fundraiser. Many people are needed to help with this major event.

Contact: Parish Office @ (561) 798-5661
Finance Council

The Finance Council is a consultative body providing advice and recommendations to the pastor concerning the stewardship of the parish’s fiscal resources, including conducting long-range financial planning to support the mission of the parish. Finance council positions are appointed by the pastor. You must be a baptized and confirmed a Roman Catholic who has belonged to the parish for at least two years. Members must have identifiable participation in the parish and be utilizing the gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Contact: James Duemig @ (561) 798-5661 ext 112
Garden Ministry
The Garden Ministry is responsible for maintaining the parking lot islands, waterfalls, Koi ponds and fountains on the parish grounds, as well as the baptismal font inside the church. Time commitment is entirely up to the volunteer. The beautification of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles parish grounds helps to create an aesthetically pleasing refuge parishioners can retreat to in peaceful meditation in order to come closer to our Lord.


Contact: Sandy Popp @ (561) 951-2169
Homebound Eucharistic Minister
This is a group of Extraordinary Ministers that bring the Eucharist and personal contact each week to Catholics unable to attend Mass because of health problems or old age. Membership is open to all Extraordinary Ministers.

Contact: Rhonda Busch @ (561) 795-3205
Hospital Ministry
A special group of Extraordinary Ministers who visit our local hospital on a daily basis bringing the Holy Eucharist and sharing in prayer with the hospitalized.


Contact: Robert Laquerre @ (561) 798-5661
Hospitality Ministry
Members of this ministry cook, bake and/or serve refreshments needed at special parish functions. Many people are needed to assist in this hospitable ministry.


Contact: Parish Office @ (561) 798-5661
Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is an international service and leadership organization for Catholic men. The Knights serve our parish, support charitable causes and encourage the spirituality of members.

Contact: Bob Cataldo @ (914) 420-4835
Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ the Returning King
The Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King is a new movement in the Catholic Church. This movement calls laity to greater personal unity with Jesus Christ.  By allowing Jesus to love others through us, we call them back into the safety of the family of God.  It involves the laity accepting their call to both personal holiness and service in the Church.  We meet on the third Thursday of every month.

Contact: Kary Lorenz @ (561) 795-7375
This group provides lectors and commentators to proclaim the Word of the Lord for all weekend Masses and on special occasions. Anyone with the ability to read well and speak clearly is invited to serve.

Contact: Kim Grinder @ (561) 793-2106
LifeTeen Music

Life Teen Music provides spirit-filled contemporary Catholic/Christian music for Sunday 6:00 PM Life Teen Mass.  Our primary responsibility is to draw teens closer to Jesus and the Eucharist through the style of music, the way it is played, and the demeanor of the group.

Contact: Rosemary Beahan @ (561) 798-5661 ext 110
Liturgy Committee
The goal of the Liturgy Committee is to assist in organizing our liturgy so it becomes a true public worship where everyone can participate fully. We are transformed by what takes place at Mass—praise, worship, giving God thanks. In summary, it is a celebration!


Contact: Fr. Andy Rudnicki @ (561) 798-5661
Mass Secretary
This group of volunteers has the important task of drawing people into the life of the parish by helping them feel connected. There are two or three representatives at all Masses who arrive early and stay until the last person has left. The group registers new parishioners, assists people who want a Mass offered for a loved one, or to provide flowers for the altar. Anyone is welcome to serve.

Contact: Parish Office @ (561) 798-5661
Ministry of Consolation

This is an outreach program that offers support for parishioners who have suffered the loss of a loved one.


Contact: Denice Danus @ (561) 798-5661 - call Parish Office
Multimedia Ministry
We are looking for parishioners to help run our computers and prepare presentations for each Mass. We'll provide training on the software, but you do need to be comfortable with computers; experience with Power Point is an advantage. All of the readings and lyrics to hymns, as well as announcements and many other audio/video effects will be projected onto two major areas in the front of the church, as well as several monitors placed within the church where the screens are less visible. The equipment and operator will be positioned in the choir loft.

Contact: Marianne Duemig @ (561) 790-5468
Our Lady Queens of Talent
We meet every Tuesday at 1:00 PM in Festival Hall.  Ladies of the parish, if you are interested in sewing, crocheting or knitting, please come join us.
We are accepting donations of supplies, yarn and also monetary donations.

Contact: Angela DiLeonardo @ (561) 791-2914
Parish Library

This group is responsible for the set-up and maintenance of the parish library located in the Peter classroom. Books are available for checkout anytime the building is open. Checking out of books is on the honor system.

Contact: Rosemary Beahan @ (561) 798-5661 ext 110
Parish Office Support Team
There are plenty of things to be done to keep this community informed and running smoothly. People are needed to do various administrative tasks on a special needs basis.


Contact: Diane Lanctot @ (561) 798-5661 ext. 103
Pastoral Council
The Pastoral Council is a consultative body that the pastor can prayerfully reflect with and ask for assistance to guide the overall care and ministry of the parish and the enhancement of its mission. The Council consists of appointed members who must be a baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic and have identified participation in the parish and be utilizing the gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Contact: Robert Laquerre @ (561) 798-3866
Our ministry serves our Parish by capturing images & videos of liturgies, events, activities and other happenings thoughout our church.


Contact: Paule Jean-Mary @ 561-523-3267
Religious Education

Education about the faith is the essential ingredient in Church life, and teaching religious education helps impart the knowledge needed to understand our faith. Catechists are volunteers who are certified by the Diocese to teach religious education and the sacramental programs.

Contact: Rosemary Beahan @ (561) 798-5661 ext 110
Respect Life
As Catholics, we acknowledge that God is the author of life, and that He decides when life begins and ends. In keeping with this, members of Respect Life raise awareness on issues of life such as abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, etc. The group also helps pregnant women who decide against abortion to find the needed resources to care for their child.

Contact: Parish Office @ (561) 798-5661
Rite of Christian Initiation - RCIA

This form of religious education is for those who are joining the Church and have not yet been baptized, who were baptized in another religion, or would like to update their education in the Church.

Contact: Rosemary Beahan @ (561) 798-5661 ext 110
Rosary Makers
The Rosary is the exquisite jewel of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  We engage ourselves in the "making of rosaries to reach out to the faithful and friends of the Mother of our Savior".  Come join us.  We meet every Thursday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM in the Celebration Hall, John/Luke room.  It is open to all, men and women, young and old.  Please accept our invitation, as no previous experience is necessary.

Contact: Yverose Jean-Mary @ (561) 798-5661 - call Parish Office


Contact: Bert Lanctot @ (561) 308-7563
Skilled Trade Committee

Do you have the know-how and willingness to provide assistance on various projects in the parish? These may include the ability to complete small repairs, carpentry, cabinet making, painting or serve as an electrician or photographer. Perhaps you have the skills of a tax accountant, a computer networking consultant, lawyer, grant writer, or communications specialist. If you have a skilled trade that you wish to share with the parish, please let us know.

Contact: Jerry Danus @ (561) 798-5661 ext 115
Spanish Ministry
The Spanish Prayer Group is a spiritual movement that meets once a week to praise and glorify God.  We read the scriptures and share testimonies of conversion. 


Contact: Rocio Barrientos @ (561) 379-9986
St. Vincent de Paul

Inspired by the Gospel message, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul serves the Church by caring for the poor through home visits and financial assistance. This ministry functions on the generous donations from our parishioners. Our meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month. New members are always welcome!

Contact: Cookie Dykes @ (561) 333-4664
Stewardship Council

The Stewardship Council promotes Stewardship as a Way of Life within all aspects of the parish community fostering the sharing of God’s gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure. The council is composed of appointed members of the parish. Members must have identifiable participation in the parish and be utilizing the gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Contact: James Duemig @ (561) 798-5661 ext 112
Substance Addiction Ministry

This is an outreach program aiming to assist individuals and their families with issues relating to alcohol or chemical dependency. People needing assistance can call a number, published in our weekly bulletin, to request help and literature, or inquire about upcoming events. We are in need of adults to assist us with this special ministry. Together we can make a difference!

Contact: Parish Office @ (561) 798-5661
Technical Resources
This group’s primary function is to assist the parish in all computer technical aspects. They install equipment, as well as maintain and troubleshoot both hardware and software. Besides data controls, the Technical Resource Group also assists in audio and video support as needed. This group seeks technical people who are willing to assist in voice, data, audio, and video.


Contact: Mario Rodrigues & John Duemig @ (561) 722-5090

Anyone who has been confirmed and is in good standing with the Church is invited to serve in this ministry that greets parishioners with a smile and helps provide good order in the church. Ushers help parishioners find seats, keep order during Communion and pass the basket for the offertory.

Contact: Thomas Schmidt @ (561) 798-8354
Youth Group
Life Teen is a comprehensive teen ministry program with strong emphasis on the Eucharist.  Starting with a Life Teen Mass, high school teens are placed in an environment where they have the opportunity to enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and His Church.  Immediately following the Mass, teens gather to learn about the Church and their faith and challenging ways.  Some, for the first time, find themselves becoming part of a community where they feel loved and accepted.

Contact: Danielle Hall @ (561) 767-0481